R10R Eastern District Championship

Only seven entries took part in this year’s Championship which is a great pity as these boats have to be the most graceful radio yachts sailing.

The wind blew mainly from the west but was moving around 20 degrees or so at times making the laying of the windward mark a challenge for the race team.

The first race really set the pattern for the day with the two Bantock designed Diamonds of Hugh McAdoo and Graham Bantock pulling away from the rest of the fleet. Unfortunately McAdoo got tangled with the windward mark leaving John Torrance with his Peken to take second place behind Bantock. Most boats at this stage were using their top rigs.

The following races, unfortunately, became races of two ‘divisions’ with the Diamonds battling it out for the lead with the rest of the fleet some way back fighting for the minor places.

Following a lunch break it was decided to increase the size of the course as races seemed to be over too quickly, it was at about this time that the wind also increased in speed under the ominous dark clouds.

Following two races on the longer course Hugh McAdoo was the first to change down a rig and to good effect and would have won race 13 but unfortunately had to do a penalty turn for hitting the last windward mark, letting Graham Bantock through to win.

By the time of the last three races all the fleet had changed down a rig apart from John Richmond, sailing a borrowed Paradox, who had bravely carried a B1 rig all day and had picked up some well earned third places in front of some of the longer, bigger sail boats.

The fleet were very well behaved with only one general recall during the day and all incidents were resolved on the water.

Graham Bantock won 13 of the 16 races with Hugh McAdoo picking up the other 3 wins. Lester Gilbert and Augustin Moreno managed a 2nd place to split these two leaders once each.

The Chelmsford Commodore, Alf Reynolds, was unfortunate to lose his rudder during one take but brilliant teamwork in the rescue boat not only retrieved the boat but also the rudder which was found floating some way from the boat.

Graham Bantock accepted the winner’s prize, from George Beacroft the PRO for the day, retaining his title for another year and thanked all at Chelmsford for running a good event.


Position Skipper Points Boat Club
1 Graham Bantock 13 Diamond ChelmsfordRYC
2 Hugh McAdoo 23 Diamond GuilfordMYC
3 John Torrance 49 Peken ChelmsfordRYC
4 Augustin Moreno 49 Prime Number ChelmsfordRYC
5 Lester Gilbert 50 Puzzle Buchanness MYC
6 John Richmond 65 Paradox ChelmsfordRYC
7 Alf Reynolds 81 Peken ChelmsfordRYC

 Report courtesy of Graham Bartholomew

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