Club News

Coalhouse Fort MBC

Coalhouse Fort MBC are pleased to announce that the water level at their venue is now back to the normal level and as such IOM and DF65 sailing is continuing without interruption.

Also, we are pleased to advise that the long awaited Cafe is now open for refreshments from 10.00 am – 3.00 pm at weekends.


Coalhouse Fort MBC

Coalhouse Fort will be running a series of IOM and Dragon Force 65 events over the winter months, which are open to all MYA members who are interested in entering. There will be 6 events for both series, with the best four to count.

The dates are:

Numb Thumbs (IOM)

11th October 2015; 22nd November 2015; 20th December 2015;

31st January 2016; 14th February 2016; 20th March 2016.

Frozen Fingers (Dragon Force 65)

25th October 2015; 29th November 2015; 13th December 2015;

24th January 2016; 7th February 2016; 13th march 2016.

Coalhouse Fort MBC

Coalhouse Fort MBC plans to start regular Dragon Force (RG65) racing as from Sunday 2nd August 2015. Racing will commence at 10.30 am and finish approximately 2.30 pm.

IOM Racing continues every Wednesday with the MId-week Championship – the year being split into four equal quarters of 12 weeks.

Dragon Force 65 Monthly Championship dates:

Round 1 – 26th April 2015

Round 2 – 31st May 2015

Round 3 – 28th June 2015

Round 4 – 26th July 2015

Round 5 – 30th August 2015

Round 6 – 13th September 2015

Winter Open Events:

There will be separate six monthly Open events for IOM and Dragon Force 65 commencing in October 2015 through until March 2016, which are open to both members and non-members. Dates can be found in the Calendar of the Coalhouse Fort web site 

Chelmsford RYC

Please be advised that despite rumours to the contrary, Chelmsford RYC continue to sail at their alternative venue at Heybridge even though they have suffered from weed at Channels.

They continue to sail on Tuesdays and Sundays at Heybridge on a temporary basis and on a restricted area of Channels on a Thursday as part of their training programme. Prospective skippers are advised to contact the club using the contact details on the ‘Club Contacts’ page of this site or their web site, prior to visiting the club’s venues.

Hanningfield Reservoir

As some of you may be aware, following the Eastern District Seminar earlier this year, we were approached by Essex &Suffolk Water to establish whether there was an interest in sailing boats at Hanningfield Reservoir. Geoff Appleton and John Newton met with the Rangers at the reservoir and demonstrated two boats, which was extremely well received. It was identified that Hanningfield is a ‘Site of Significant Scientific Interest’ (SSSI) and as such is controlled by Natural England. This basically means that any new activity on the site must be approved and licensed by Natural England. We have been advised that Hanningfield have applied for several new activities this year and that applying for another one now may be regarded as a step to far. We have therefore been advised that we should defer our application until next year. In the meantime, Geoff Appleton and John Newton have a further meeting with the Senior Environmental Officer at Hanningfield in mid November to discuss how best to move this forward.

Hanningfield has extremely good facilities in that the sailing area would be completely open, and there is easy access to excellent toilet, catering and parking facilities on site. The initial plan is that the venue would be twinned with Coalhouse Fort – membership of Coalhouse Fort providing automatic membership at Hanningfield and visa versa.  At the moment the proposal to Natural England will be to hold one mid-week racing day (to be decided) and a Sunday event. As the venue becomes established we would hope to expand on this but obviously this would be dependent on approval from both Essex & Suffolk Water and Natural England. At this stage we are unable to give you any further information but we will keep you posted as to future development of this venue as soon as possible.


Chelmsford Radio Yacht Club

Just a note to let all know the good news, today we had so many boats at the event we ran it as a two fleet event. This worked so well we plan to repeat the experience. When sailing the B fleet the A fleet was able to keep a close eye on the sailors on the water. This took the form of mentoring and more traditional observing duties. This had a good effect by reducing collisions and ensuring if there was a rule infringement the participants learned what they had done wrong and had it explained along with the need to do a penalty turn.

A bit of a win, win situation. We had 16 boat at the lake and 14 took part in the racing.

Report by John Richmond


Brentwood Model Boat Club

Please note, Brentwood Model Boat club is no longer affiliated to the MYA.


Chelmsford Radio Yacht Club

We are reading of clubs having dwindling membership so I am attempting to lift the mood by broadcasting the positive message that Chelmsford club is flourishing.
We have over the past year or so introduced two mid week sailing days to our schedule one of which is our mentoring and training day where more experienced members pair up with a new member to give one to one help.
This is now paying dividends, as new members are have their interest kept on the boil and never get side lined by our desire to enter the next race. We now have a very low drop out rate and several are now joining in on race days.
On Sunday we had 15 boat racing for the Stephen Rix Rose Bowl [a club trophy meeting] with two further of our new boys on the lake practicing their newly learned skills.
John Richmond
Chelmsford Radio Yacht Club




2012 has been another good year for the Broads RYC. Membership numbers have held up well with 33 on the books at present and some of the new members are quite young – under retirement age anyway.

Racing practice on Wednesday mornings remains very popular and although any design of boat can be sailed one metres predominate, fleets of 12 to 15 boats being not unusual. Scores are not kept but racing is to the Rules and although convivial is very competitive.

At the AGM this year a number of changes were implemented by the members, the most significant of which were;

  1. Our Heron Trophy Open event for one metre boats would no longer have open status. This is because it has been very poorly supported in recent years and dropping it will help reduce the number of open events in the ED.
  2. Our race programme is to be restructured into a number of ‘series’ rather than one-off events. The IOM class will have 4 series of 7 events each, with the best 5 results in each series to count. The RM and R6M classes will each have 2 series of 4 events each with the best 3 results in each series to count. Put another way there are some ‘discards’. It is hoped that this change will encourage a more regular attendance by members but at the same time allow a small number of events to be missed without damaging the chances of  a series win too much.
  3. The BRYC open events results will all count towards the relevant series – IOM, RM and R6M and we hope this will encourage more BRYC members to sail at our open events.
  4. The RYGGED start which has been such a success in the one metre class is extended to club racing in the RM and R6M classes.
  5. All club racing will now take place on Sunday mornings only. This is a reflection of what has been happening in practice for some time now, with most members choosing to go home at lunch time. To ensure that there is plenty of sailing, briefing on club race days will now be at 09.45am with racing starting straight afterwards. Racing will finish at 12.45pm.

We did have a weed problem during the summer this year. Fortunately the weed growth was not too heavy and a few evenings work by some of our members had our sailing area cleared.

Our annual club dinner and prize presentation evening will again be in the ‘Granary’ at Filby Bridge Restaurant, we are very fortunate to have exclusive use of this for the evening. There will also be a licensed bar.

Next year we will be staging 3 open events, one for each of the IOM, RM and R6M classes and I hope these will be well supported by the other clubs in the ED. I would add that visitors are always welcome to come and join us for a days sailing at any time so if anyone finds themselves in the area please pop in and say hello.

Peter Sutton. Secretary The BRYC.

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