About the MYA

The Association is dedicated to encouraging and promoting model yachting in all its branches and is recognised by the International Sailing Federation, Radioa Sailing Division as the Division Member for the sport in the United Kingdom. The membership of the MYA comprises affiliated Clubs and their members. Clubs come in all shapes and sizes – from the old established clubs with large memberships and almost palatial accomodation to small clubs with absolutely no facilities at all, other than access to water.

The MYA is always interested in hearing from groups of model yachting enthusiasts and would encourage them to affiliate to the Association, thereby being able to join with other clubs in competitions, enter National and District Championships and to influence the development of the sport and the formulation of rules. Members are also protected by the public liability insurance negotiated by the MYA. The Publicity Officer will be able to give full details for obtaining membership.

The MYA uses several methods to communicate with its affiliated Clubs and Members:

Yearbook – Issued every year to all members via club secretaries.
The Handbook
– issued every four years.
The Acquaint – Sent to all affiliated members three times a year. The Aquaint Editor would like to receive articles and items for The Aquaint.
The Internet – The site contains details of club contacts, latest news, the second-hand list, printable versions of all MYA Rules, and links to other sites including the IRSA site: http://www.radiosailing.org where printable versions of the International Class rules can be found, as well as details of International Regattas and overseas contacts.
E-News – Latest items of note brought straight to your mail box.
The Members’ Area of the website is an important resource Click to access the Members’ Area
MYA forum
click to access

For those looking to start a new club please click on New Club Application Master doc for an application form.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the District Councillor, Geoff Appleton councillor@edmya.com

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